• Veterans & First Responders

    We sometimes forget our Veterans and first Responders when they take off their uniforms. We can't forget that the person is a human being and not a uniform.


    It is like when we were in school as young boys, we could not fathom that our teachers went home and had families. All I know was that I only engaged with them at the school and I thought that they lived there. We have to understand that our protectors go home and have their own lives and families.


    In many cases service personal enter the military right out of high school. They leave home and enter into a situation where if their parents did not teach them how to be financial responsible, the military would replace their parents. Too often the GI either serves his time or retires and has no clue how to function in the real world. Prosperity College is committed to using our platform to help our service members and first responders with all of their financial education needs.


    We often how difficult it was for the Vietnam era Veteran’s to re-integrate back into society. It was extremely challenging. We are now dealing with our post 911 veterans and helping them reintegrate into society.