• Our Mission

    "Get all the advice and instruction you can, so you will be wise the rest of your life."  

    Proverbs 19:20 NLT

    At Prosperity College,our mission is actually captured in our name: Our goal is to educate individuals and families and provide them the tools necessary to build solid financial foundations. We believe the first business anyone should endeavor to create is the one at home – succeed at that and success in the marketplace is assured. By ensuring families understand and employ foundational principles of giving, debt elimination, protection management, and saving and investing on a consistent basis, the ideals of Prosperity College will answer the call in Genesis 12:2 – we’ll be blessed to be a blessing. There’s a whole world waiting for us so that they, too, can be blessed. With this foundational knowledge base, we will empower families to live prosperous lives, plan for successful futures, and provide legacies for generations to come.


    At Prosperity College, we take a different approach to combating the challenges that finances tend to throw at people. As mentioned before, we believe that if you operate your personal finances as you would a business, success is all but guaranteed. We also understand; however, that 1) most personal finance concepts aren’t taught in school; 2) there are more than a few topics to master to ensure proficiency; and 3) most courses are both complicated as well as pretty boring. Our goal at Prosperity College is to break these fundamental principles down into fun, easy to understand courses that are taught online, shared through our blogs, and covered in our seminars. We partner with faith based and civic organizations to provide group sessions with follow on seminars to provide measurable results, and we also offer individual and couples counseling services as well. Understand this: there is no cookie cutter method to improving finances. In the years that we have been in existence, we have definitely learned that there are as many different financial scenarios as there are fingerprints. And like fingerprints, your financial profile is unique to you. Our goal at Prosperity College is to provide you with all the tools you will need to 1) complete a financial assessment to determine where you are; 2) identify goals, dreams, and desires to determine where you want to go; and 3) provide a tangible, written plan to determine how you will get there. Our difference is in the details. The Prosperity College approach is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Your financial well being matters – to this generation and those to come.


    Contact us today to sign up for a seminar coming near you soon or for an online session. Your legacy is calling.